Everything from hot and cold forged products to the development and manufacture of high-pressure gas cylinders

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Use of this site

Copyright and trademarks

All copyrights to the illustrations, photographs, text, programs, and other content available on SAMTECH’s website belong to SAMTECH. However, some copyrighted content made by commissioned third parties may be copyrighted to such third parties, instead. In principle, the creator of any copyrighted work owns the copyright to that work. Therefore, the user is strictly prohibited from using without permission all or part(s) of the contents made available on SAMTECH’s website, that is, beyond personal use or other use that is permitted by law (prohibited use includes but is not limited to replication, alteration, and distribution).


(1)SAMTECH manages and carefully makes all the information available on this website, but it makes no guarantee whatsoever regarding the accuracy or completeness of that information.

(2)SAMTECH may suspend or terminate operation of this website without warning or change all or some of the information that is available through this website without previous notice.

(3)SAMTECH shall bear no responsibility for any damages incurred by the user or any damages caused from the insertion of data, wrongful access, e-mails sent by, or otherwise brought about by any third parties (including if a dispute between users arises, causing harm to one or more of the parties involved), arising from the user’s use of, or inability to use, this website.


If the user wish to link to SAMTECH’s website, please first contact SAMTECH. Please be aware that SAMTECH may refuse permission to establish such a link based on factors such as the site where the user wants to place the link and the purpose of the link.