Everything from hot and cold forged products to the development and manufacture of high-pressure gas cylinders

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About this site

About the website functions

In order to enable convenient viewing of SAMTECH’s website, the following functions are available.

Text size

If the user feels that the text is small and difficult to read, one can change the browser settings to change the text size. Below are instructions on how to change the text size in some representative browsers. For more details, please read the explanations of the browser in use.

■Changing text size in a Windows Internet Explorer 6.x browser
1. Select “Display” (V) from the menu bar.
2. Select “Text size” (X) from the display menu.
3. Select the desired text size from the text size menu.

Note: The methods of changing text size may vary from the particular functions of each computer and browser.
Note: A change in text size may affect the layout of the page.
Note: Some pages do not allow for text size changes.
Note: Some browsers do not allow for text size changes.