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Technology that conserves resources and energy

Technology that conserves resources and energy

The protection of the environment is a concern common to every human being in the world. At SAMTECH, we are thorough in our efforts to take the environment into consideration in every aspect of our industrial activities. We were quick to get involved in the field of fuel cell automobiles, and we are succeeding in developing new products while using fewer resources. We are a company that strives to conserve energy, reduce waste products, and prevent pollution.

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JIC Quality Assurance, Ltd.
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Environmental Policy

SAMTECH Co., Ltd. is conscious of the fact that the promotion of efforts to preserve the Earth’s environment is a vital problem that is common to mankind, and our goal is to find harmony between our business activities and preserving the environment. By aggressively pursuing environmental preservation based upon the following policy, our company is fulfilling its responsibility as a good global citizen.

1. We are deeply aware that environmental preservation on a global scale is one of the vital missions of industry, and we will voluntarily and aggressively promote activities aimed at preserving the environment in regard to our manufacturing of plasticity processed products.
2. We will create an environmental management system for the purpose of harmonizing our business activities and environmental preservation, and to ensure that our environmental preservation performance is continually being improved, we will carry out periodic internal inspections and reassessment of our management team.
3. We will comply with all laws, regulations, and accords that apply to our business activities, as well as any other requirements that our company acknowledges, with the goal of preventing environmental pollution.
4. We will develop defined purposes and goals aimed at improving the environment, sork to achieve those purposes and goals, and periodically review them.
5. After considering technological and economic factors, our company will strive to reduce the impact our company has on the environment, and work toward achieving a recycling-oriented society by focusing on the following important themes for improvement:
・energy conservation (reducing power consumption, more efficient shipping methods, etc.)
・resource conservation (reduce paper consumption, shipping materials, etc.)
・waste product reduction (reduce emissions, etc.)
・prevention of pollution, improving the environment (water quality, noise and vibration pollution, etc.)

This policy will be put into writing so that every employee is fully aware of the policy and its aims, and if requested, we will make this policy statement available to those outside the company.

February 12, 2002
Teppei Sakaguchi
President and Chief Executive Officer