Everything from hot and cold forged products to the development and manufacture of high-pressure gas cylinders

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Corporate philosophy Corporate profile Plants and equipment Aiming to Produce Better Products for Less Technology that conserves resources and energy Access

Plants and Equipment


Head Office & Main Plant 1000-18 Enmyo-cho, Kashiwara City, Osaka-fu, Japan
Habikino Plant 1452-3 Komagatani, Habikino City, Osaka-fu, Japan
Habikino Plant Building No. 2
Habikino Plant Building No. 3
Habikino Plant Building No. 4


SAMTECH is always looking to offer “better products for less,” and we are constantly developing new technologies and new manufacturing processes. The manufacturing equipment that makes all this possible, including even the peripheral equipment, is all developed in-house. This user-friendly, high-quality equipment is what sustains and upholds our technical development.


Hot forging: 11 lines (700 ton – 3,000 ton)
Cold forging: 2 lines (630 ton; 1,000 ton)
Shot blasters: 8
Flow forming: 8 lines
Precision die fabrication equipment
Filament winding equipment

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SAMTECH International, Inc. (SII)

Hydraulic presses: 2
Flow forming machines: 3
Spinning machines: 2

SAMTECH International Co., Ltd.

Our manufacturing plant for composite high-pressure gas cylinder liners.
At this plant, we manufacture a variety of products, including aluminum liners for use in aircraft, firefighting, home oxygen therapy, and CNG vehicles. Also, we are making progress in the development of tank liners for use in next-generation fuel cell vehicles. Our company is the only company capable of manufacturing the special-order, high-precision aerospace-use liners used by NASA in the international space station.

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