Everything from hot and cold forged products to the development and manufacture of high-pressure gas cylinders

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Details of production equipment

Hot forging

We utilize a unified production system — preheating of the steel stock (round bar) → shearing the steel stock → heating the cut steel → forging (using fully automated carrier devices that use the transfer beam method) — that maintains high productivity and high quality. We have developed our own computerized automatic control system for the whole line of equipment involved in this process.

Main plant
pressTrimming pressAnnual output potential
(tons per year)
Annual output potential
(1,000 units per year)
Maximum external
diameter of products
Habikino plants
PressTrimming pressAnnual output potential
(tons per year)
Annual output potential
(1,000 units per year)
Maximum external
diameter of products
3,000t x 2-18,6009,200φ170
3000 tons 5 stages automatic transfer press line
3,000-ton line steel round-bar cutting machine
3,000-ton line high-frequency induction furnace
3,000-ton five-process transfer line
Production process conveyer belt

Cold forging

We are able to forge high-precision dogtooth transmission gears for manual transmission automobiles. After hot-forging the gears to give them their general shapes, two cold forge presses complete the forming process. Two fully automated presses take the gears through the preparatory phase of surface finishing in an integrated process.

Press nameAnnual output potential
(1,000 units per year)
Maximum external
diameter of products
1,000-ton and 250-ton transfer line
Second process die

Flow forming

Flow forming is a new plastic deformation technology developed from our spinning technology that allows us to shape long splines on the inner wall of the workpiece without the need to perform any after-processes on the workpiece. We are proud of our fully automated, high-level production system that utilizes robots in every process, from setting the workpiece to forming and to final burr trimming performed by the NC lathe. High-precision mandrels are essential to maintaining the high-precision quality of our products, and all our mandrels are produced in-house. In addition, we also perform all of the lathing that is prerequisite to our flow forming process.

EquipmentNumber of linesAnnual production capacity
(1,000 units per year)
Flow forming82,050
Pre-lathing line101,300
Upright flow forming machine
Upright flow forming machine


Some of the hot-forged automobile wheel hub units produced at our plants are lathed in-house and delivered to our customers. Our high-precision, high-efficiency system utilizes the latest 2-shaft NC lathing technology in conjunction with a drilling center, broaching machine, and automatic inspection system.

Equipment nameNumber of equipment linesAnnual production capacity
(1,000 units per year)
NC lathe
Drilling center

High-pressure gas cylinders

By binding carbon filaments to the surface of aluminum liners produced by SAMTECH International (SII) in the United States of America, we are developing super-high pressure gas cylinders for the world market. We primarily use filament-winding machines to make these cylinders according to the specific, strict quality standards of super-high pressure gas cylinders. In regard to quality, we have introduced all the inspection equipment necessary to achieve high reliability.

Equipment nameNumber of equipment lines
Filament-winding machine1
Inspection equipment1
Filament-winding machine
Hydro testing equipment
Cycle testing equipment
Bursting testing shed