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SAMTECH International Co., Ltd.

SAMTECH Co., Ltd. founded SAMTECH International Co., Ltd. in California, U.S.A., in 1996 with the purpose of developing and manufacturing liners (main units) for high-pressure gas cylinders. SAMTECH International has begun the development and manufacture of cylinders that can hold high-pressure gases, such as oxygen, natural gas, and hydrogen, which are expected to experience increased use in aerospace, automobile, and medical applications.
SAMTECH International is using the plastic deformation method (called flow forming and developed by the Japan R&D center of SAMTECH) to manufacture these high-pressure gas cylinders. By forming the liners with spinning technology, SAMTECH International is able to make the liners extremely thin, answering the demand for lightweight products in this sector.
Using its own forming methods, SAMTECH International has contributed greatly to raising the quality and reliability of our products. NASA uses our high-pressure gas cylinders in its artificial satellites and rockets, and SAMTECH expects to continue to expand its market in this field worldwide.

Address1130E Dominguez Street Carson City,
California 90746-3518 U.S.A.
Capital$5,000,000 (100% invested by SAMTECH)
PresidentYoshiki Sakaguchi
Products/BusinessManufacture and sale of high-pressure gas cylinder liners
Gas cylinder liners for space rocket and artificial satellites
Gas cylinder liners for aircraft
Oxygen tanks for medical use
Firefighters’ self-contained breathing apparatuses
Liners for compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinders for automobiles
Liners for high-pressure hydrogen cylinders
Other private uses

Product examples

Range of products

Cylinder cutaway view.

Cylinder cutaway view (closeup)

External diameterφ85mm〜φ550mm
Total length3M
Wall thickness
Min.1.0mm (for external diameters of up to Φ300mm)
2.0mm (for external diameters of Φ300mm or more)
MaterialAluminum alloy

Application examples

Home-use oxygen tank (HOT)
Firefighters’ self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)
Paintball gun tank

Cylinders for commercial aircraft
Airbus 380 oxygen tanks for crew members
Boeing emergency escape slide

Liner for CNG tanks (low-floor bus, 4-ton truck)

Hydrogen gas tanks for electric (fuel-cell) automobiles
(35 MPa 70 MPa for filling tank cylinders)

Thin high-pressure gas Liners for Aerospaces