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Corporate philosophy

Management philosophy


Message from the President


President and Chief Executive Officer
Yoshiki Sakaguchi

Using our proprietary technology to make products that contribute to people and our planet.

Since the founding of our company over half a century ago, we have earned a solid reputation in the field of plastic working. During this time, we have made great strides in facing the challenge of developing cutting-edge technologies and new manufacturing processes while maintaining the highest quality control and reducing costs. We have responded in a great way to the needs of each generation and helped to build a new future through our superior products and technology.
We are also focusing our efforts on the environment, which is one of the main issues of the 21st century, by actively tackling issues such as measures related to natural resource conservation, pollution, global warming, and alternative energy.
One of the distinctions of Japanese industry is that expectations regarding the development of technologies that are distinctive and unique are highest for small and medium-size companies rather than major enterprises.

Yoshiki Sakaguchi
President and Chief Executive Officer