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News Release

News Release

June 10, 2009

SAMTECH employees pass the 2008 National “Press Forging” Proficiency Test.

A number of SAMTECH employees took the press forging national proficiency test. Four earned Level 1 certification and three earned Level 2 certification. These are the first engineers in Osaka Prefecture to pass the examination. To earn certification, one must first pass correspondence coursework under the auspices of the Japan Forging Association and then take the proficiency test. Until this point, however, no one in Osaka Prefecture had the skills to take the test, so holding the test was very challenging, but SAMTECH agreed to hold the test at its facilities and to provide the main judges for the examination. As a result, several other SAMTECH employees will take the national examination next year.

平成20年度の「プレス型鍛造作業」技能検定国家試験に社員が合格しました。 平成20年度の「プレス型鍛造作業」技能検定国家試験に社員が合格しました。
March 18, 2009

SAMTECH makes a presentation at the 5th International Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo (FC-EXPO2009)

From February 25 to 27, 2009, SAMTECH (Ltd.) presented at the 5th International Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo (FC-EXPO2009) held at Tokyo Big Sight. 26,240 visitors, including fuel cell makers and automobile manufacturers from around the world gathered at the FC-EXPO2009 for the three days to gather information on the latest technology for fuel cells. SAMTECH (Ltd.) presented its KHK (High-Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan)-approved 35MPa cylinders (70L and 30L), hybrid cylinders incorporating hydrogen storing alloys, and other products, and many visitors were interested in SAMTECH’s products. Some female employees staffed the booth and used a large-screen presentation to help explain high-pressure hydrogen cylinder products and SAMTECH. Many visitors stopped to listen to the presentation and were very pleased by it.

第5回国際水素・燃料電池展(FC-EXPO2009)に出展いたしました 第5回国際水素・燃料電池展(FC-EXPO2009)に出展いたしました 第5回国際水素・燃料電池展(FC-EXPO2009)に出展いたしました
第5回国際水素・燃料電池展(FC-EXPO2009)に出展いたしました 第5回国際水素・燃料電池展(FC-EXPO2009)に出展いたしました 第5回国際水素・燃料電池展(FC-EXPO2009)に出展いたしました
March 9, 2009

SAMTECH is featured in the February 2009 issue of Osaka no Genki! Monodzukuri Kigyô [Vibrancy of Osaka: Manufacturing Corporations], published by the Osaka Prefecture Commerce, Industry, and Employment Department.

Governor Hashimoto of Osaka Prefecture kindly comments in this issue, “The 193 companies presented here represent Osaka’s manufacturing corporations. They are its “billboard corporations.” We hope that many will view Osaka as “a city of manufacturing,” and realize its potential and possibilities.”

『大阪の元気 !  ものづくり企業』(平成21年(2009年)2月発刊)に掲載 『大阪の元気 !  ものづくり企業』(平成21年(2009年)2月発刊)に掲載 『大阪の元気 !  ものづくり企業』(平成21年(2009年)2月発刊)に掲載
December 12, 2008

“Inheritance of Manufacturing by the Adults/Heirs of the Future” — SAMTECH opens up its plant for a school study visit by Komagatani Primary School

On December 2, twenty-two fifth-grade students and two teachers from Komagatani Primary School visited SAMTECH to observe our plant as a part of their social studies program. They observed the cutting-edge, large-scale automated hot forging lines (3000-ton and 1600-ton lines) at Habikino Plant No. 4 before going to Habikino Plant No. 3 to see the machining equipment for the finishing processes. The students were surprised at their first sights of the enormous forging machinery and gazed with interest as red-hot forged products automatically and steadily emerged from the equipment.

Afterwards, the students asked questions ranging from technical questions such as “Why do you pour water on the press mold?” to pointed questions that hardly seemed like questions that fifth-grade students would ask, such as “What do you think about the sudden economic downturn?” The company representative answering the questions sometimes felt cornered, but it was clear that this experience proved to be a good social studies lesson for the students.
We were rather happy that at the end of the trip, one of the teachers said, half-jokingly, to the students, “When you graduate, you should work at SAMTECH!”

August 28, 2008

SAMTECH participates in Osaka King 2008

Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc.’s “Osaka King” program has become a traditional Osaka summer event, and Mainichi Broadcasting held its 2008 event near Osaka Castle from July 26 to August 3. SAMTECH joined Osaka Sangyo University, a member of the Osaka FVC Promotion Group, at its display booth at the event. Presenting the “Osaka Sangyo University Ecological Motor Show, supported by SAMTECH,” the team displayed fuel cell cars that utilize SAMTECH’s high-pressure hydrogen gas cylinders, battery-run cars, bio-energy cars, and other cars that are friendly toward the environment by producing no emissions. SAMTECH displayed its 35MPa, 70L high-pressure hydrogen gas tanks, which are used in fuel cell automobiles, and the high-pressure gas tanks used for orbital modification in NASA’s artificial satellites. Young and old visited attended the program and were very interested by the displays. Osaka King 2008 was attended by 580,000 people, and the activities at our booth were broadcast live on television and radio.

オーサカキング2008に出展 オーサカキング2008に出展 オーサカキング2008に出展 オーサカキング2008に出展
March 30, 2008

4th International Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo held at Tokyo Big Sight, March 27-29, 2008

This exposition gathered new products, equipment, and the latest techniques from the world’s 550 leading companies in the fuel cell industry and had 24,617 visitors over the course of three days. Visitors included not only corporations and specialists from Japan but also many from the Republic of Korea and the People’s Republic of China who were gathering technological information on the latest fuel cells.
SAMTECH presented its KHK (High-Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan)-approved 35MPa cylinders (70L and 30L), new-material aluminum cylinders, hybrid cylinders, and other products at its booth. Inquirers came from automobile manufacturing companies, government organizations, universities, and other organizations, and SAMTECH had the opportunity to introduce its technology and products to them. Furthermore, SAMTECH played and projected a DVD introducing SAMTECH’s forging and high-pressure cylinder enterprises and documenting Osaka Sangyo University’s fuel cell car that crossed Australia using SAMTECH’s cylinders. This DVD attracted widespread attention.

第4回国際燃料電池展 第4回国際燃料電池展 第4回国際燃料電池展 第4回国際燃料電池展
December 6, 2007

3rd FC EXPO Seminar in Osaka held at the Osaka International Convention Center (Grand Cube Osaka) on December 4 and 5, 2007

The main lectures at the seminar were seven lectures related to fuel cells. SAMTECH set up a booth at the adjoining show room and displayed 35MPa cylinders for hydrogen gas automobile fuel systems approved by the High-Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan and hybrid cylinders that can hold hydrogen gas using high-pressure gas and storage alloys, being researched and developed by NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization). Many people involved in the automobile and high-pressure gas cylinder industries visited SAMTECH’s booth and showed interest in the approved cylinders and hybrid cylinders based on the latest technology on display. Also, SAMTECH played a video of Osaka Sangyo University’s (a member of the Osaka FVC Promotion Group) fuel cell car that made a 3000-km journey across Australia using SAMTECH’s cylinders, and many people watched it with great interest.

第3回FC EXPOセミナーin大阪 第3回FC EXPOセミナーin大阪
December 6, 2007

SAMTECH receives the 2007 “Expert Worker by Prosperity” Osaka Frontier’s Award

The Osaka Small-to-Medium Sized Company Awarding Enterprise gives the “Expert Worker by Prosperity” Osaka Frontier Award to a small-to-medium sized company that, with a frontier spirit, is developing its prowess in manufacturing or to a small-to-medium sized company that is contributing to the invigoration and rejuvenation of Osaka’s industry and region through attractive enterprises. This award is presented by Osaka Prefecture, small-to-medium sized company organizations, and small-to-medium sized company assistance organizations.

This year, there were two awards categories: the “Innovation Promotion” category and the “Attractive Products Manufacturing” category. SAMTECH Co., Ltd. received the highest award in the innovation promotion category for the following two reasons:

  • In recognition that with the technology that it has nurtured through its manufacture of forged and flow-forming parts for automobiles, SAMTECH has developed production technology for high-pressure gas cylinders and thus is to be commended for its high technological capabilities.
  • Furthermore, In recognition that SAMTECH’s technology is preparing for the next generation of energy use because production technology for high-pressure gas cylinders is necessary for the development of fuel cell automobiles.
“匠by繁盛”大阪フロンティア賞 “匠by繁盛”大阪フロンティア賞 “匠by繁盛”大阪フロンティア賞