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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

SAMTECH Co., Ltd. (“SAMTECH”) may request personal information from the users of this site when they use the website(s) that it manages. Here, SAMTECH describes its policy toward the personal information that users provide to it.
When handling personal information (information that allows others to identify an individual; hereafter, “personal information”), SAMTECH will carefully observe its responsibilities as determined by laws regarding the protection of personal information and by this policy.
The entities/parties/person(s) listed below are responsible for protecting the personal information that is handled on this website.

1. Use of personal information

SAMTECH will not use personal information on the websites that it manages.

2. Disclosure of personal information

SAMTECH will not disclose personal information (name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, or other information) that it receives through this website to third parties, except under the following circumstances, without the user’s permission.

  • When the user agrees to have the personal information disclosed
  • When a third party, having contracted to use personal information only for the tasks it has been commissioned to perform, constructs systems for SAMTECH
  • When SAMTECH is required by law or ordinances to disclose personal information

3. Consultation, modification, and deletion of personal information

If the user makes a request at the telephone number below to have his or her own personal information checked, modified, or deleted, SAMTECH will speedily respond to that request.
TEL. +81-72-977-8851