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Precision hot forged products

Hot forging

By reducing the amount of machining stock used, we can make hot forged products precision hot forged products.

All our manufacturing processes (round bar shearing, heating, and forming) are controlled by a computerized system developed by SAMTECH, which allows for consistent, synchronized management of the production line.
By making use of a large-size forging press equipped with a state-of-the-art automatic transfer system and our high-precision dies that were manufactured using computer-aided engineering and our proprietary design system, we are able to offer customer-pleasing, precision hot forged products using a process that allows us to use as little machining stock as possible, thus reducing the amount of steel and energy used and saving money as well.
We are particularly proud of the fact that our proprietary technology has made us the number one producer of wheel hub unit bearings (outer ring and inner shaft), the vital part that helps to sustain the rotation of the wheels on automobiles.


Manufacturing process

Pursuing customer satisfaction

Pursuing even greater customer satisfaction

Integrated production system for forging and machining
Pursuing optimum forging design
Lower costs
Shortened lead time
VE and VA proposal

Machining some of our precision hot forged products in-house contributes to shortened lead time and lower costs.



For wheel hub unit bearings
For automobile parts
For tapered roller bearings
For motorcycles