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High-pressure gas cylinders


Development and business of high-pressure hydrogen gas cylinders

SAMTECH develops high-pressure hydrogen cylinders, the next-generation products that are indispensable for the safe use of hydrogen̶the ultimate clean energy of the future.
These are type-III cylinders constructed from aluminum liners and carbon-fiber reinforced plastic(CFRP). A combination of SAMTECH’s proprietary design system, cutting-edge technology, and world-class testing facilities enables the company to produce extremely safe and lightweight high-pressure hydrogen cylinders.
In 2012, SAMTECH obtained the first approval for high-pressure hydrogen cylinders (composite cascade cylinders) in Japan. Since then, Samtech delivered cascade cylinders to more than 80% of hydrogen stations in Japan.
SAMTECH will continue contributing to the realization of a hydrogen society by providing safe and lightweight high-pressure hydrogen cylinders.


Toward improved quality and performance

With an expanding range of products, SAMTECH products are found in various fields involving hydrogen usage, such as fuel tank, cascade cylinder, and transportation cylinder.

Manufacturing process

Type-III cylinder

①High level of safety:

In addition to a design that ensures a sufficiently safe performance (in terms of pressure resistance and durability), a fail-safe mechanism is incorporated to prevent the explosions that may occur if there is release of gas in case of accidents.

②Lightweight and compact:

By combining a lightweight aluminum alloy with a high strength carbon fiber, a lightweight, ultrahigh-pressure cylinder is realized for use in vehicles. The compact cascade cylinder requires minimum installation space and allows you to create your own layouts and designs.

③Low cost:

SAMTECH’s unique and optimum design using composite materials reduces the cost of production of vessels. In particular, the lightweight cascade cylinder reduced the cost of installation and the packaged unit structure reduced the time required for construction.

④Quick delivery:

The products are produced from scratch in a dedicated factory equipped with unique production facilities, achieving high quality and productivity.


■[First in Japan] the special approval for 82 MPa composite cascade cylinder was obtained.

The composite cascade cylinder were installed more than 80% of hydrogen stations in Japan.

【Product specifications】
■82MPa 200L φ488mm,L2,805mm
■82MPa 300L φ437mm,L4,954mm
■45MPa 300L φ436mm,L3,020mm
■[First in Japan] the special approval for 45 MPa transport cylinder was obtained.

The product is used for the transportation of large amount of hydrogen, to hydrogen stations.

【Product specifications】
■82MPa 200L φ488mm,L2,805mm
■45MPa 300L φ436mm,L3,020mm
■35MPa~70MPa, φ270~φ500mm, L700~1,000mm
■We welcome your enquiries on any other type of high-pressure vessel. We can provide a comprehensive service including design, development, manufacture, and verification.