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Design and Dies

SAMTECH's wealth of experience and die design know-how

The decisive factor in manufacturing forged products of the highest quality is die design technology and technology associate with producing those dies. SAMTECH has a vast wealth of experience over many years as we have worked ceaselessly to develop new and better technologies. Based upon the superior die design know-how we accumulated from these efforts, we are employing CAD, 2- and 3-dimensional simulation, and other technologies to carry out optimum die design work in a minimum amount of time. In addition, with the aim of maintaining a flexible die manufacturing forging line that consistently manufactures products of the highest quality, we incorporate NC lathes, electrical discharge machining, machining centers, wire cutting machines, ion nitriding equipment, and more into our NC machine system. This allows us to perform every step of the manufacturing process in-house. All dies undergo rigorous inspection to ensure quality before they are incorporated into the forging line. We also utilize 3D measuring devices, gear measuring devices, roundness measuring devices, contracers (for measuring the shape and roughness of the dies), metallographic microscopes, and more to make doubly sure that our products are of the highest quality.

Die design CAD and CAE software
Name Type of software Use
Space-E V-5.0 CAM software for more automatic and “intelligent” creation of hybrid modelers and machining process design-based NC data Creating electrode machining programs
Simufact.forming V-8.0 3D forging simulation system Analysis of product stress, die stress, and forming burden
Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire V-4.0 3D CAD software Creating 3D models, creating models for 3D forging simulation
Die manufacturing equipment
Die sinker EDM 10
High-speed Small hole drilling discharge machine 6
Machining center 4
Wire cutting machine 2
Flat-surface grinding machine 1
NC lathe 16
Manual lathe 13
Ion nitriding equipment 3
Die inspecting equipment
3D measuring device 2
Gear measuring device 2
Roundness measuring device 2
Contracer 2
Optical projector 2
Hardness gauge 4
Metallographic microscope 2
Equipment of magnetic particle inspection 2
Die stress analysis
Form stress analysis
Product stress analysis
Die manufacturing using a machining center
Die manufacturing using spark erosion machining
Ion nitriding equipment
Ion nitride
3D measuring device
Precision gear tooth measuring device